• Robin Walker

Sweet Tea

Southern Sweet Tea

The North has coffee houses,

The South has waffle houses.

The North has dating services.

The South has family reunions.

The North has double last names.

The South has double first names.

The North has Cream of Wheat.

The South has cheese grits.

All joking aside, I am proud to be from southern Virginia where:

ice tea is sweet tea,

accents are sweeter,

all four seasons are different,

front porches are wide and words are long,

macaroni and cheese is a vegetable,

grits and pecan pie are staples,

y’all and all y’all are the only proper pronouns,

chicken is fried and biscuits come w/gravy,

everyone is asking for some shuga, and

someone is always getting their heart blessed.

If you’re planning a vacation to below the Mason Dixon Line then you may find it difficult to “BLEND IN” given our strange ways and unfamiliar sayings. Fear not, for I am about to suggest to you that you can “ease into” southern society by drinking gallons of sweet tea, deciphering driving directions “southern style” and learning folks’ first name.

Pre-sweetened tea is a staple on any table and is known as "house wine" throughout the South. Most southerners start drinking sweet tea before they can walk mainly because it is served at every meal. So, in order to "blend in" with your new southern surroundings, drinking sweet tea is a must.

However, if drinking gallons of sweet tea isn’t helping you to understand southern sayings then you may want to learn how to decipher driving directions---“Southern Style.” By understanding the meaning of terms such as:

“over yonder,” or “right near,” which can mean either one mile or 30 miles,

“freeway” for the “highway,”

“access road” for the “main road,” and

“pig trail” for a smaller side road ---you will instantly appear as if you were raised in the South; thereby, blending more readily into your new southern surroundings not to mention finding your way around.

If my suggestions have failed to help you acclimate to living in the South then you may want to refer to everyone as either, "honey---darlin’---shuga’---pumpkin’---sugar pie --honey pie.’

This is sure to work and will put you on a first name basis with many folks. As any self-respecting southerner knows, being on a first name basis means you’re destined to go to largest gatherings after Church, eating lots of fried foods at all-consuming meals.

In the South, food equates to love, so if you love to eat what Southerns cook, then they’re sure to love you back and you will be well on your way to blending in a warm, and rewarding southern lifestyle.

'God Bless and .....Y’all come back now, y’hear!?’

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